Fredley Elite Card

Fredley Elite Card


Fredley Elite Card is a loyalty card that allows Members to earn points for their patronage in any participating brands under Fredley Group of Companies such as Macao Imperial Tea, Nabe Japanese Izakaya and Hot Pot, Mitasu Yakiniku, Hosaku International Buffet and 107 Co-Working Space by Macao Imperial Tea.

Every qualified purchase in any brand/branch entitles the member to get 3% cashback in his/her total purchase. Fredley Elite Card makes you earn rewards points that can be used to pay for purchases and avail of member-exclusive vouchers and freebies (Please see brochure for list of participating stores).

How Do I Apply for a Fredley Elite Card?

  • Buy a Fredley Elite Card at any of the participating branches for only Php 500.
  • Register at the bar area by inputting mobile number and other details at the Fredley tablet.
  • Receive your Fredley Elite Card.
  • Having multiple cards is allowed.
  • The Fredley Elite Card is non-transferable.

How Do I Earn Points?

Present your Fredley Elite Card to the cashier of the participating branch upon every purchase to earn points. No card, no points earned shall be strictly enforced. Points schemes are described in the attached Points Conversion Guide. Every peso counts, no purchase is wasted. The card member earns the equivalent point based on the amount purchased.

Point Conversion Guide:

  • Total Bill: Php 1000.00
  • Total Points Earned: 30 points

How Do I Load My Fredley Elite Card?

Present your Fredley Elite Card to the cashier of the nearest participating branch, the minimum load of Php 300 shall be followed.

How Can I Keep Track of My Points?

Earned and balance of points are printed in the transaction receipt to keep track of points. Inquiries regarding points balance can also be done at any cashier of participating stores.

Points can also be checked using the Zap app, which can be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

How Do I Redeem Points?

Fredley Elite Card may be used to pay for any product at participating stores except for other items or services excluded from points redemption.

Points earned have an equivalent peso value but can not be convertible to cash. Inform the cashier of your intent to use your points to pay for your purchases to process your request at the point of sale.

When will my Fredley Elite Card Expire?

Fredley Elite Card has no expiry, but the load/earned points will expire every March 31st of the following year if they are not used.

What if I lose my Fredley Elite Card?

The Fredley Group of Companies will not replace any loss Fredley Elite Card, but the group will fully assist you in managing your loss card/account.

Who Can I Contact if I Have Other Queries about my Fredley Elite Card?

For feedback and inquiries, email: